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Joseph Parrello's Links Page

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Joseph Parrello's Links Page
Web resources for programmers

Borland Sites :

www.borland.com Borland Home Page
www.borland.com/devsupport/borlandcpp Borland C++ Developers Support
www.borland.com/devsupport/borlandcpp/patches.html Borland C++ Patches
www.borland.com/devsupport/borlandcpp/ti_list Borland C++ Technical Information Documents
www.borland.com/devsupport/borlandcpp/qna/qnaspage.html Borland C++ Frequently Asked Questions


OWL Sites :

ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/John_Maddock/ John Maddock Site for OLE programming with OWL/OCF
home.t-online.de/home/dieter.windau/ SoftEngage Homepage by Dieter Windau
www.foxholly.demon.co.uk/Programming.html Alan Chambers Programming Page
www.tenermerx.com/owlhow OWL HOW Home Page
owlnext.starbase21.com/ OWL Next by Yura Bidus
www.gnt.net/~heiman/index.html Scott Heiman Site (dedicated to DirectX and OpenGL)
www.www.ccnet.com/~paulp/owlsock/html/index.htm OWLSock Index Page
www.geocities.com/ResearchTriangle/Thinktank/2408/ BassetSoft Denmark by Michael Mogensen
www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Pines/7268/ Jovo's DirectX Page (dedicated to DirectX)
apsoft.com/~gcross/homebrew.html Geordie's Code Samples
ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/haleu/program.htm Uwe Hale's Interests - Programming


Other Sites :

www.wdj.com Windows Developer Journal
www.codeguru.com MFC Programmer's SourceBook
www.dcjournal.com Developer's Corner Journal
www.progsource.com/index.html The Programmer's Source
www.r2m.com/windev Internet Resources for Windows Developers
www.wotsit.org Wotsit's Format - The Programmer's File Format
www.helpmaster.com HelpMaster's WinHelp, HTML Help, Hypertext and more
www.programmers.net/artic/Pescio Dr. Carlo Pescio Site
www.tiac.com/users/mpietrek Matt Pietrek Site
www.jeffreyrichter.com/ Jeffrey Richter Site
www2.shore.net/~dilascia/ Paul DiLascia Site
www.marcocantu.com/ Marco Cantu' Site


Borland C++ NewsGroups :

borland.public.cpp.announce Borland corporate announcements.
borland.public.cpp.commandlinetools Issues concerning command line executable tools that ship with Borland C++ are covered in this group.
borland.public.cpp.ide Compiling, linking, IDE user interface, debugger, distribution of your program.
borland.public.cpp.jobs Reserved for posting of job vacancies and seeking jobs or contracts.
borland.public.cpp.language Syntax and semantics of the Borland C++ implementation of C++, special Borland extensions to the language and core C++ libraries.
borland.public.cpp.non-technical General non-technical C++ or related issues. Also, ask here if you don't know which group is best for your post.
borland.public.cpp.owl Technical discussion on Object Windows Library.
borland.public.cpp.thirdpartytools Looking for a library that does something special, or a tool? Here's the place.
borland.public.cpp.winapi Usage of the Windows API in Borland C++.


Other Newsgroups :

comp.lang.c English Newsgroup for C Language
comp.lang.c.moderated English Newsgroup for C Language (moderated)
comp.lang.c++ English Newsgroup for C++ Language
comp.lang.c++.moderated English Newsgroup for C++ Language (moderated)
comp.os.ms-windows.programmer.tools.owl English Newsgroup for Object Windows Library
comp.os.ms-windows.programmer.win32 English Newsgroup for Win32 programming
it.comp.lang.c Italian Newsgroup for C Language
it.comp.lang.c++ Italian Newsgroup for C++ Language
it.comp.programmare.win32 Italian Newsgroup for Windows 32 bit Programming


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